Philadelphia, PA  and Santa Monica, CA – April 6th, 2018

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CancerLife and Quality of Life specialist, Marlon Saria, PhD, announces a pioneering a Quality of Life Research Study focused on cancer patients and survivors. This study is a follow-up to the validation study conducted this past summer, which proved that patients can collect their own data inside the CancerLife App.  

Study highlights included:

  1. 88% of participant users stated that CancerLife improved their Quality of Life
  2. 100% stated that CancerLife was easy-to use
  3. 5.8 Average Journal Updates/Per Week !
  4. 3.7 Social Shares/Per Week!

“Users love CancerLife and are engaging on the platform almost everyday!” said founder Charlie Coltman. “Now its time to show it can improve Quality of Life which is the first step in lowering costs and increasing quality in Cancer Care.”

The Quality of Life Clinical Trial: Its Goal

A pioneering, real world evidence (RWE) Quality of LIfe Clinical Trial, conducted by the John Wayne Cancer Institute (A member of the Providence Health System) and CancerLife, was recently approved.  The goal of the blind, randomized trial is to validate if CancerLife can improve patients, survivors, and caregivers quality of life and become the first “complimentary digital therapeutic” in cancer care.

Additionally, the trial will provide deep insights into how social support, Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom data collection and other factors can impact patient outcomes.

The study piggybacks on mounting research evidence (including prior research with Sloan Kettering) which indicates that patients’ quality of life may improve (by up to 18%) when patients share their moods (and get social support from family, friends and fellow patient)… and share their symptom data with care teams.

The Quality of Life Clinical Trial: Defined

Approximately 300 participants (those with a past diagnosis of cancer ) will be recruited to participate in the study. Participants will use the CancerLife App for social sharing purposes and to collect PRO symptom data. Participants will take a series Quality of Life surveys, which will be tracked and monitored over a five-month period.  

Additionally, IBM Watson AI technology will analyze social sharing data and conversations using its proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. IBM Watson will help uncover key insights into participants cancer journeys. 

CancerLife’s Commitment to the World

Understanding the correlation and implications on how social sharing and tracking symptom data affects patients Quality of Life has breakthrough potential as it may help doctors better understand how the next wave of cancer drugs will impact patients’ quality of life.

CancerLife is deeply committed to helping patients, survivors, and caregivers–around the world–experience a better quality of life. With that said, CancerLife’s goal is committed to becoming the world’s first cancer care complimentary digital therapeutic.

Recruitment Partners: Want to Join the Quality of Life Crusade?. 

If you are is interested joining the crusade and participating, please contact CancerLife to learn more now.