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Introducing the CancerLife App:

Designed to Improve Quality of Life Three Unique Ways...

Mounting research evidence reveals that when patients collect symptom data and share it with care teams, their quality of life can be improved by up to 18%. It’s just one of the reasons why doctors alone can’t improve cancer care. The CancerLife App is designed to provide “more cancer care power" to patients, survivors and caregivers, so their collective voice is heard, respected and utilized.

91% of CancerLife users are also driven to improve other cancer patient's lives. Let’s Pay It Forward. Hail the collective wisdom of the cancer crowd!


Stress Reducing Messaging App

CancerLife reduces the stress associated with keeping family and friends informed (emails, texts, phone calls) of a patient's treatment and well-being. CancerLife empowers its users to keep everyone simultaneously informed in less than 10 seconds by sharing your journal through any communications app or service.


PRO Improves Your Cancer Care

As users message and journal, CancerLife's Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom management tool effortlessly collects symptom data and delivers easy-to-read, accurate reports that can be easily shared and discussed with the care team.

– Charlie Coltman, Founder



Next Generation Facebook Support

Thanks to its novel emojis and unique journaling capabilities, CancerLife provides a whole new level of emotional and social support. CancerLife's private Facebook Communities are managed by former nurses and oncology caregivers, so members get high quality feedback and encouragement during their treatment.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial with the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

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Real Quality of Life Testimonials


"As a caregiver, CancerLife makes it so much easier to track my clients symptoms than writing things down in my notebook. I feel more empowered and engaged in my care than ever before.  This data  will also help other patients and researchers make better decisions."

Sandra Didona



"I was able to share my journal with my daughter through Messenger who is teaching English in Hong Kong. I feel she is with me during this tough time. CancerLife keeps me connected to my family and friends.

Thank You CancerLife!"

James Willis

“During doctor visits, it was often hard to recollect my real symptoms." Chemo Brain" is real and CancerLife automatically tracks everything for me so that I can better communicate these issues with my doctor."
Amy Wolf


“I can't imagine fighting cancer without it. Sharing my moods with my Facebook Community, makes me feel less alone and I'm very thankful for that.I feel more in control and not overwhelmed all the time.

       Ondreah Johnson


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