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Introducing the CancerLife App:

Designed to Improve Quality of Life Three Unique Ways...

The age of patient-centric cancer care has arrived. The truth is, doctors alone can’t improve cancer care.  Proactive, engaged patients and survivors, like you, have a significant impact on quality of life and outcomes. How?

The driving force behind the CancerLife App is "The more you share, the better your care."  CancerLife empowers its users to share key information with friends and family... with fellow cancer patients... and with doctors and care teams. Sharing moods, symptoms and stories delivers a myriad of profound, life-altering benefits. For example, there’s empirical evidence that when patients provide doctors with Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data, their quality of life can improve by up to 36%.

There are also signficiant "pay it forward" benefits: 91% of CancerLife users are also driven to improve other cancer patients' lives. When patients' collective voice is heard, respected and utilized, cancer care improves. 

Pay it forward. Hail the collective wisdom of the cancer crowd!


Stress-Reducing Messaging App

Say goodbye to endless “How is the patient doing?” texts, emails and phone calls from family and friends. Thanks to its unique mood emojis and journaling, CancerLife keeps everyone informed with a push of an button. So, patients and survivors experience less stress and get more rest, using CancerLife's open social messaging app.


– Charlie Coltman, CancerLife Founder


Goodbye Chemo Brain: Hello PRO

Until CancerLife, chemo brain and other factors made it difficult for patients to share accurate symptom data with their doctors. CancerLife automates the entire process. As users message and journal, CancerLife's Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom management tool automatically collects data and delivers easy-to-read, accurate reports that can be shared and discussed with doctors and care teams.




Digital Social Therapy Support

CancerLife is more than just “another social network”. It provides more privacy and a whole new level of emotional, social and clinical support. In fact, it is designed to deliver a form of “digital social therapy” that can lower stress, anxiety and depression and raise community spirits. Members neurologic state can improve, as can their quality of life and outcomes.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial with the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

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