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 Our Validation Study Results from the John Wayne Cancer Institute:


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What is the CancerLife Platform? 


The First Mobile Cancer Social Network

Our private cancer social network connects you with other patients on the same treatment. These people truly understand what you're going through and can provide a deeper level of social support and knowledge that is priceless. CancerLife is the first mobile social network designed to improve QoL.

Effortless Data Collection, Not Data Entry

Remembering all the symptoms and side effects you're dealing with is overwhelming. CancerLife collects this automatically by having you share these issues inside the social network so it doesn't feel like work. Other cancer apps ask you a million questions. CancerLife is different in that it takes less than 7 seconds to post an update inside the social network or share a status with friends and family.

Improving Quality of Life with AI

In a short time, we will lead the world in our understanding of how cancer treatment truly impacts a patient's Quality of Life in the real world. Our machine learning algorithims will uncover new insights on how to improve QoL. This real world patient generated data is critical for all stakeholders in the cancer industry.

Reports for Your Care Team

The more you use the CancerLife Mobile Social Network, the more data you are collecting about how treatment is truly impacting you. This data is tracked over time providing you and your Care Team a longitudinal view of your QoL. This data will help you and your doctor make better decisions about your treatment plan. Sadly, this data is not tracked by your doctor today. CancerLife makes it easy to help your doctor help you!