CancerLife, a Digital Health Company with the Validation Institute, Announced Results of its Phase 3 Trial That Raised EQ-5 Quality of Life (QOL) Scores by 14.3%

Philadelphia, PA (June 2, 2022) – CancerLife, a digital therapeutics company and the Validation Institute, announced the results of its two-arm, fully randomized Phase 3 clinical trial today, which concluded that the consumer cancer app was proven to raise the quality of life in cancer patients by 14.3%. This marks the first cancer social support platform that does not require remote patient monitoring or is needed to be implemented inside a cancer center to raise QoL. CancerLife is now available for download in the app stores, and now any patient can improve their QoL regardless of where they live.

CancerLife’s goal is to improve the experience for any cancer patient regardless of where they receive care. By using social behavioral therapy and novel data collection reporting, CancerLife helps patients change how they think and experience their cancer diagnosis while identifying and lowering the symptom burden by 66%. This improves their quality of life, regardless of the care location. “We believe doctors will recommend CancerLife to their patients with these clinical trial results as they are under constant pressure to improve the patient experience.” Doctors will benefit because CancerLife raises QoL without any workflow or investment in time by their cancer care staff.

“What sets us apart from any other digital therapeutics company is that we are the first company that combines the mental and physical impact of cancer treatment inside one platform,” said Charles Coltman, Founder and CEO of CancerLife. “14.3% may not seem a lot, but it translates to feeling better one extra day a week, and for cancer patients, that means spending more time with family and friends”.

Validation Institute, an independent third-party organization, has validated the study results by having its epidemiology team review the study’s design, data sources, and analysis approach. Validation Institute works with some of the most highly valued digital health companies, such as Hinge Health and Virta Health.

“Two armed, randomized trials are rarely attempted in the digital health industry and CancerLife has raised the bar with these results,” stated Benny DiCecca, CEO of Validation Institute. “The analysis clearly demonstrated the impact that the CancerLife solution can have in patients’ lives.”.

CancerLife can also provide its platform to other digital health, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies in both a reseller model or “white label” solution, including other diseases with high symptom and QoL burden. “We are ready to partner with other companies who want to leverage our technology within the cancer care and specialty disease space.” said Mr Coltman.

About CancerLife:
CancerLife was founded by Charles Coltman, who lost his best friend in 2013 to pancreatic cancer. CancerLife helps patients change how they think and experience their cancer diagnosis, whilst identifying and lowering the symptom burden. This has a dramatic impact on quality of life, regardless of the care location. CancerLife is now live in the app stores.

About Validation Institute:
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, 3rd party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Woburn, MA, the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.