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What are 5 FREE Patient Support Services that are rarely used or known about?

Hi, Charlie Copeman here, CEO o and founder of Cancer Life. I just thought this,

Today’s blog, we would talk about Five underutilized and underappreciated services that patient support services that cancer patients have access

And are available that sometimes that cancer patients aren’t aware of. So the first one is, if you’re going through cancer, your journey, one of the biggest challenges with mental Health. Obviously the nature of the fear The anxiety, the worry

Can have a dramatic impact on your mental health and how do you manage that. There’s, from some statistics, 50% of patients experience some form of depression during their journey. That’s completely un understandable and rare. Rarely of those, only 10 to 20%

Actually get treatment or seek out Help for tho those those needs.

Folks need to understand that if you’re in a, some type of cancer center, you know, typically, they do have social workers that are available that you can schedule time with to go over. I wouldn’t call them necessarily getting a psychiatrist, but those services are where they can help you. One, navigate, you know, your decision-making, navigate your relationships, which is a huge stressor for cancer patients.

And you really can get the support you need from folks that really understand how it works, what they’ve been through, you know, these folks have seen it all. So, number one social worker, social support services inside of cancer centers is really an untapped area to which you can seek help. Number two is inside those cancer centers. If you’re having financial stresses around getting to and from your appointments or any of the other, you know, financial burdens associated with your treatment, talk to the cancer center and ask to see if they have assistance programs. So a lot of them do, right? There’s a lot. Sometimes it’s, it’s through their nonprofit, you know, or there are other partners like the American Cancer Society that they partner with that has access to some of those services. Third, if you’re in a clinical trial in terms of financial services and support, look to those clinical trial partners.

The sponsors of those partners typically do have almost like a debit card that you can, that they give you to handle secondary expenses. That’s a good area where you can seek support. So if you’re in a clinical trial or planning to be ask about patient support services associated with that clinical trial, like I said, they’ll give you a debit card, you know, I don’t know, a thousand dollars a month, $500 a month to handle those secondary expenses. Also if you’re having trouble paying for medications, you know, doctors really don’t make treatment decisions around, you know, what’s the cost to the actual patient. They don’t know what your insurance is and what your, what the, what they’ll cover and what they’re not covered. They don’t know what your copay is. But if you’re under financial burden and your doctor has switched your medication to some newly approved drug or some other, you know treatment that’s highly specialized, which means it’s more money talk to the pharmaceutical company that your drug that is manufactured by the drug, talk to the manufacturer.

They’re called patient support services Manufacturers. Give away billions of dollars in free drugs every year. There’s a company called the Lash Group in which you can log onto their website, fill out some information, and you can sign up for the, get your drugs for free. Essentially, it’s a real, frankly, a pain in the to go through the process. They’re gonna call you a million times to see if you’ve taken your medication. They’re gonna ask you a million research questions, but, you know, in terms of getting something for free it’s something that, you know, patients need to learn about. So go to your specific, specific pharmaceutical company and you know, log onto their website and, and find out if they have patient assistance programs. And the final one, I just would like to say in terms of nutrition, this is a big area that’s happening now, is that, that the cancer centers are providing nutrition services through partners.

You know, at the very least, a lot of the time there are nutrition shakes. So if you’re gaining, you’re having trouble keeping on weight, you’re having trouble eating because it’s, you get too nauseous, you know, they do have those nutrition shakes that I believe they partner with Nestle who provides these, these shakes. You can get those for free. So anyway, that’s, that’s five services. I think, you know, every cancer patient going through treatment in order to get support, you know, realize this, these are areas in which you can explore.

All right, so anyway, thank you so much.

CancerLife Partners with Eversana for FDA Breakthrough Application: First Consumer Cancer Support App that raises QoL

FDA application Announcement!

Philadelphia PA– CancerLife, a leading provider of digital support and resources for cancer patients and their families, today announced a partnership with Eversana, a full-service commercial solutions provider for the life sciences industry, to apply for FDA Breakthrough status.

The partnership will leverage Eversana’s expertise in regulatory affairs and commercialization to support CancerLife’s mission of improving the lives of cancer patients by offering innovative and accessible digital solutions.

“At CancerLife, our goal is to empower patients and their families with the information and support they need to navigate their cancer journey,” said Charles Coltman, CEO of CancerLife. “By partnering with Eversana, we are taking a major step forward in our mission and bringing our innovative solutions to patients faster that meets the highest level of clinical validation on the market.”

Eversana will work with CancerLife to provide regulatory and commercial support for submitting their product for FDA Breakthrough status. The Breakthrough designation is a process for expediting the development and review of medical products that demonstrate the potential to substantially improve existing treatment.

“Eversana is proud to partner with CancerLife to support their mission and bring innovative solutions to patients in need,” said Martin Culjat, Head of Digital Health at Eversana. “Our expertise in regulatory affairs and commercialization, combined with CancerLife’s innovative digital platform, will help bring life-changing solutions to patients faster.”

About CancerLife

CancerLife is a leading provider of digital support and resources for cancer patients and their families. Our cancer support platform is validated to raise Quality of Life. Their mission is to empower patients and families with the information and support they need to navigate their cancer journey.

About Eversana

Eversana is a full-service commercial solutions provider for the life sciences industry, offering a range of services, including regulatory affairs, commercialization, and market access. Eversana’s mission is to bring innovative solutions to patients faster, by supporting life sciences companies in their efforts to bring new treatments to market.

Transcription of video:

Hi, Charlie Coltman here, founder and CEO of Cancer Life. Today’s announcement is that we have some exciting news Our clinical trial data, which we presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in December. I’ve been taking those results and you know, passing them around to some industry experts. And today we’re announcing that we are partnering with Eversana a 400 million life sciences consulting firm, and Mar Martin Culjick, who runs their digital health team, who took a look at our results, who was blown away by our expertise in improving quality of life for cancer patients, looking at the clinical trial design, looking at the results across 117 different area codes, which was really significant because as we know that disparities of care across cancer continue care continuum is a huge problem. But we raise quality of life by 14.2% from the EQ five VAs scores which is a self-reported score, as well as a 9.9 improvement on the index score. So both

Of those numbers contained in the EQ five were improved. So we are going through breakthrough status, which is exciting. We believe that  digital medicine or digital therapeutics are the, is the next wave of digital health

As you go through treatment, you’ll be, you know, prescribed a treatment regimen in terms of pharmaceutical treatment, but also you’ll be given a companion app. And cancer life can improve quality of life by cor collecting the right data that you can physically share with your care team as well as get the social support that you need during treatment. And both of those things improves physical functioning because we were able to reduce the symptom burden of each patient by 78%, as well as the social support you and emotional support you get, which improves mental health for patients as they go through the journey. So exciting news to partner with Eversana and looking forward to, to applying for that breakthrough status and announcing that probably in the next 60 days. Anyway. Thank you friends.