CancerLife announces the results of its randomized control trial sponsored by John Wayne Cancer Institute at the 2022 VIVE Conference.

CancerLife, a digital health company focused on cancer, has validated its platform in a two arm, fully randomized control trial with John Wayne Cancer Institute.  The trial results raised EQ-5 quality of life metrics by 14.3% in Breast Cancer. The company is the first straight to consumer solution that does not require remote patient monitoring.   The CancerLife mobile app now has the potential to scale the solution to millions of Cancer patients.

“Five years ago, we set out on a mission to create a digital health company that raises quality of life and improves the lives of millions of cancer patients without the need for busy cancer centers and care teams.  Any patient, regardless of location, now has the ability to raise their QoL which can directly address disparities of care.” said Charles Coltman, Founder and CEO of CancerLife. “The trial results set a new standard in the growing digital health market where very few companies have completed a two arm, fully randomized study. The bar now has been raised and we are now open for business in the larger digital health market.”

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