Our Story

It all started when...

CEO/Founder, Charlie Coltman, got the call his best friend Chris was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  During his 3-year battle Charlie stayed by his side and was at his wife Lisa's “beck and call” 24/7....yet time and time again Charlie felt disconnected from Chris and what was really going on…texts, phone calls and emails rarely got answered. After the third visit to the ER for various manageable issues including a pain medication overdose...Charlie felt there was something wrong with the care Chris was receiving.

After Chris passed away…Charlie felt compelled to help families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. CancerLife is a culmination of Charlie’s experience, research and feedback from hundreds oncologists and experts in cancer care, including industry legend Rick Lee who became Executive Chairman of Cancerlife.com

“It’s time Patients unite under one mobile based support platform… instead of hundreds of patient portals, thousands of blogs and millions of missed opportunities during physician encounters.”
— Charlie Coltman, Founder, Cancerlife.com