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What is the CancerLife Platform? 

It Starts with Patients and ends with the Power of IBM Watson...

The age of patient-centric cancer care has arrived. The truth is, doctors alone can’t improve cancer care.  Proactive, engaged patients and survivors, like you, have a significant impact on quality of life and outcomes. How?

The driving force behind the CancerLife is "The more you share, the better your care." messaging solution. CancerLife empowers its users to share key information with friends and family  with fellow cancer patients... and with doctors and care teams inside our proprietary social network or Facebook.

Sharing moods, symptoms and stories delivers a myriad of profound, life-altering benefits. For example, there’s empirical evidence that when patients provide doctors with Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data, their quality of life can improve by up to 36%. CancerLife makes this process seamless and stress free.

91% of CancerLife users are also driven to improve other cancer patients' lives. When patients' collective voice is heard, respected and utilized, cancer care improves. Every time our users "share their own care" using CancerLife they are adding to the collective wealth of knowledge inside CancerLife Data Engine powered by IBM Watson. The bigger we are the smarter we become...using the power of machine learning, A.I. and IBM Watson. The possibilities are endless on what we can accomplish!

So Easy-to-Use, Even Grandmothers Use it


100% of CancerLife users say was easy to learn and use. What's more, the CancerLife support team provides via one-to-one customer support.

Here are some things you need to know

88% of users recommend CancerLife 

91% of our users want to contribute to the greater good and help other patients

100% of our users said CancerLife was "Easy to use"


Breakdown of CancerLife Users

Three Ways CancerLife Can Improve Your Quality of Life Now

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Experience More Trustworthy Patient-Doctor Relationships

Trust is essential in cancer care.  At the time of diagnosis, there is a lot emotional bonding between patients and doctors... but it tends to diminish over time. Doctor-patient relationships can weaken when a communications' breakdown occurs. Here’s why:

It's hard for cancer patients to express how they have felt over a 30-day period. It’s colored by how they feel right now. It's colored by their not wanting to complain. It’s affected by chemo brain. When patients feel misunderstood and alone, their fight-or-flight response can kick in…  cortisol can spike…  increased inflammation and tumor growth can occur. It can be an ugly cycle. CancerLife is the ideal solution.

CancerLife makes it easy for patients to share accurate data and strengthen the bond with their care team. Here's how: While patients use CancerLife to communicate with family, friends and community members, its HIPAA-compliant symptom tracking tool automatically collects Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom data. It creates easy-to-read reports that can shared with the care team. By sharing accurate data, patients are speaking their doctors' language; which, in turn, can improve care and doctor-patient relationships.

There's more positive news. Better doctor-patient relationships can ignite the release of oxytocin, which reduces stress and can positively impact quality of life and outcomes. In fact, groundbreaking research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute has shown that when patients collect their own data and share it with their care team, their quality of life could improve by up to 36%.


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Discover Less Stress When Communicating with Family and Friends

Keeping family and friends informed by continually answering "How's the patient doing?" texts, emails and phone calls can be a great burden to patients and caregivers. Yes, your loved ones mean well, but...

Thanks to its unique mood symptom emojis and unique journaling capabilities, CancerLife enables patients, survivors and caregivers to keep “everyone informed in less than 10 seconds”. Patients experience less stress and can enjoy more rest.


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CancerLife Communities Deliver Digital Social Therapy

There’s something about strangers who are in the same situation that creates very intimate and rapid bonds that the CancerLife App directly addresses.

Empirical evidence indicates that when a community of like-minded people—for example, cancer patients and survivors—become engaged by sharing stories, behaviors and moods, they can feel better over time; their outcomes can be better, their neurologic state can improve, and their brain tends to release more oxytocin. 

This motivates a reciprocal emotional connection. Sharing what one is going through can provide a real emotional lift. This kind of reciprocal connection has downstream effects. First is sense of understanding. You know when a person understands your situation. She is not just being nice to you or patting you on the back and saying you’ll be okay. She really understands what you are going through because she's going through a similar experience, right now.  The net-net? CancerLife delivers a unique form of digital social therapy that can impact the well-being of the entire community.