Introducing the CancerLife App:

A private patient community delivering social therapy that drives better cancer outcomes.

Connect with others feel better and even live longer!

Did you know that the amount of social support you have has  direct impact on your cancer progression?

Yes! Research has shown that the more alone and depressed a patient feels, has a direct impact on their immune systems. Cancer grows faster when we feel isolated, stressed and overwhelmed. Friends and Family try to help but the only people that truly understands are other patients going through the same journey. Connect with others inside the next generation Support Platform Powered by IBM Watson.


Stress Reducing Messaging App

CancerLife reduces the stress associated with keeping family and friends informed (emails, texts, phone calls) of a patient's treatment and well-being. CancerLife empowers its users to keep everyone simultaneously informed in less than 10 seconds by sharing your journal through any communications app or service.


PRO Improves Your Cancer Care

As users message and journal, CancerLife's Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom management tool effortlessly collects symptom data and delivers easy-to-read, accurate reports that can be easily shared and discussed with the care team.

– Charlie Coltman, Founder



Next Generation Facebook Support

Did you know from a neuroscience perspective getting online support is the same as getting a face to face hug. When we see emojis, likes and support comments actually releases a hormone called Oxytocine ..the love hormone. Thanks to its novel emojis and unique journaling capabilities, CancerLife provides a whole new level of emotional and social support that lowers stress and improves well being.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial with the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

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