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The Quality of Life Clinical Trial: Its Goal

A pioneering, real work evidence (RWE) Quality of Life clinical trial conducted by the John Wayne Cancer Institute and CancerLife was recently approved.  Now, we are searching for people who have been given a diagnosis of prostate cancer like you, to participate and collect Quality of Life data on how cancer treatments have impacted you. This data will help your doctor treat you and others better and could impact your Quality of Life!

In a similar study at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, patients who collected their own data and shared it with their doctor increase their Quality of Life by up to 18%!

Who is CancerLife? What is their story? Relationship with John Wayne Cancer Institute and Prostate Cancer International?

CancerLife is a technology based digital health company founded by Charlie Coltman who lost his best friend to pancreatic cancer. He has spent 5 years building and designing a solution that will improve the lives of cancer patients. The latest version of CancerLife is his 3rd attempt at creating a solution that patients use to improve their Quality of life through his groundbreaking messaging tool, data collection platform and social network community inside ONE easy to use app. Now he wants to prove it!

CancerLife and Prostate Cancer International have partnered inside of the prostate cancer space. CancerLife will be building a new PCI app based on our technology. John Wayne Cancer Institute, part of Providence Health System is the research partner lead by Marlon Saria PhD. (See below). The results o this study will be published.

How will my participation help prostate cancer patients and survivors like me ?

  1. There is evidence that collecting all data that is impacting your Quality of Life and sharing that with your doctor can increase QoL metrics by 18%. This study will track your QoL score over time and we believe it will increase based on our previous results.

  2. Sharing data between other patients like you on the same treatments and medications, has shown to lower to lower stress, anxiety and depression scores across these different patient groups. Your knowledge and experience could help others inside the Prostate Cancer international community…this app will link you up with others you can help.

  3. There has never been a comprehensive Quality of Life Study specific to Prostate Cancer and all modalities, treatment types and therapies. This study will make incredible impact inside all Prostate Cancer stakeholders!

  4. The data collected by all users will be shared back to you so that you can understand what are the key factors driving QoL measures based on your type of cancer, stage and treatments. We believe key insights will be identified based on what others are reporting.

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Marlon Saria PHD welcomes you to the first Quality of Life Study!