Quality of life partners

CancerLife has partnered with several world class organizations who are also committed to the mission of improving cancer patients, survivors and caregivers' quality of life... around the world. Do you want to join our Quality of Life Crusade?

John Wayne Logo.png

John Wayne Cancer Institute

John Wayne Cancer Institute is a world class research facility based in Santa Monica, CA and is part of the Providence Health System. Providence is the third largest health system in the USA. We are proud to partner with such an innovative team of cancer care experts. John Wayne is sponsoring and running our Clinical Trial. More information can be found on our research page.

tutu project logo transparent.png

The TUTU Project and Carey Foundation.

With over 200,000 facebook followers of the TUTU project, CancerLife has partnered with Bob and Linda Carey to help spread the message of love and support for all cancer patients and survivors through a joint awareness campaign. We also have created a "next generation" Online Support Facebook Group , powered by the Cancerlife app. By combining forces we hope to provide an exciting new place where cancer patients and survivors can both give and get support using the Cancerlife app.

IBM Watson Logo Transparent 1.png

IBM Watson and CancerLife

Cancerlife has been approved to be a developer for IBM Watson which will enables us to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the CancerLife Platform. Currently we are already "live" and using the IBM Watson platform to analyze thousands of users data using machine learning algorithms to uncover deeper incites into how cancer treatments impact patient's Quality of Life. The opportunities are limitless and we would like to personally thank the Watson team for directly working with on this project!