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Introducing the CancerLife Platform:

The New Cancer Support and Research Platform...Your Brand, Your Community, Our Technology...

The HIPAA compliant CancerLife Platform is revolutionizing cancer care by empowering patients and survivors to be more aware, more proactive and more in control of their treatment   Thanks to its unique mood emojis, journaling capabilities, and data collection tool, CancerLife delivers a whole new level of emotional, social and clinical support while automatically collecting Patient Reported Outcomes data for patients and researchers.

Our "CancerLife Support Platform as a Service" model allows you the non profit to create your own CancerLife Support App with your logo and brand. Users would search under your brand/non profit in the app store. We manage the entire process allowing you to take advantage of the new digital health revolution. Our costs are a fraction of what it would cost if you developed your own patient support app!

In a recent survey, 91% of cancer patients and survivors want to contribute data to improve care for all....Now they can!


*Stress-Reducing Messaging Platform

CancerLife is not a data entry app. It is an open social messaging and social network inside one mobile designed experience. Thanks to its unique mood emojis and journaling, CancerLife keeps everyone informed with a push of an button.  In our validation study, 100% of our beta users said CancerLife was easy to use! Over 50% of seniors are now on social media. Its time to give them a new platform for their care. Users can share their reports with their doctor and have better communication so issues don’t linger that can impact your Quality of Life. In fact, in one study at Memorial Sloan Kettering, patients increased their Quality fo Life score by 18% when they collected their own data and shared it with their doctor.


Research Based Revenue Stream       

As users message and journal, CancerLife's Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom management tool automatically collects data and delivers easy-to-read, accurate reports that can be shared and discussed with doctors and care teams. This data will be analyzed with machine learning algorithms which will uncover new real world evidence on how these treatments truly impact these patients lives. Building a patient data repository is the answer to this problem. The Cancerlife Research Platform includes all patient consent agreements, de-identified encrypted data inside a global reporting engine that can be licensed to researchers on a case by case basis.



Digital Social Therapy Support

CancerLife is more than just “another social network”. It provides more privacy and a whole new level of emotional, social and clinical support. In fact, it is designed to deliver a form of “digital social therapy” that can lower stress, anxiety and depression and raise community spirits. Members neurologic state can improve, as can their quality of life and outcomes. We know that patients with more support do better. Give them this ability to connect with others and get this social support they need 24/7. As our exclusive partner, we give you access to your entire community with your own Content Management System so you can deliver critical cancer information to your community inside the news feed of the social network.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial with the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

Discover How the CancerLife Platform Empowers Patients/Survivors, Cancer Researchers & You.

The CancerLife Research Platform is the first turnkey mobile solution designed for patients, survivors and researchers to unite in new ways and collectively measure and improve quality of life and outcomes.

For Patients & Survivors.

  • CancerLife is a next generation mobile social network and messaging app that delivers a whole new level of individual and community emotional, social and clinical support. The CancerLife Platform was developed over the last 5 years and has been validated by John Wayne Cancer Institute.

For Cancer Non Profits:

  • Offer your members a support platform that can improve their quality of life who spread through word of mouth about your amazing app! Engagement through a support app not just a website...allow them to spread the word to other cancer fighters about your app and your non profit.

  •  Amplify fundraising by providing a true support platform that patients “cant live without”. In our Validation Study, users posted in their journal 5.8 times per week. Patients and families will appreciate your non profit for providing such a valuable service through such a difficult time in their lives which will improve fundraising through the app itself!

  • Patient Reported Outcomes data that can shared with cancer researchers such as Pharma, etc. The larger the community the more valuable the data collected becomes. We will give de-identified data access license fee to our third party partners. It's a win win for both you and patients!  Non profits struggle with marketing segmentation because all they have are newsletter email lists and Facebook groups but no understand of their community. The CancerLife Platform solves this problem instantly.


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Watch How Cancerlife has Improved the Lives of our Users