Now Cancer Non Profits Can Become Major Players in the Patient Centric Cancer Care Revolution...


Introducing the CancerLife Research Platform for Non-Profits which delivers the power of a branded digital health solution into the hand of your members at a fraction of the cost while collecting critical research data that can be licensed by all cancer stakeholders for outcomes research purposes.

Imagine an app with your logo on their home screen that your members login everyday during the most critical time in their lives. Let us be the technology behind you and your patients. together we can change this industry and take part in the Big Data Revolution. The database that we will build together can be licensed to third party researchers. We call this "research based fundraising" and we believe its the future on cancer non profits road to financial sustainability! 


Stress-Reducing Messaging Platform

Say goodbye to endless “How is the patient doing?” texts, emails and phone calls from family and friends. Thanks to its unique mood emojis and journaling, CancerLife keeps everyone informed with a push of an button. So, patients and survivors experience less stress and get more rest, using CancerLife's open social messaging app. Remember Caringbridge? Well this is a whole lot better!


– Charlie Coltman, CancerLife Founder


Research based Fundraising Revenue

Until CancerLife, Patient Reported Outcomes were locked inside EHR systems that are unable to report on this critical information. Millions of "Symptom forms" that have been filled out in waiting rooms was lost in the "black hole" of bad technology. CancerLife is here to fill the gap in knowledge and empower a community of thousands of patients to collect this data themselves. As a non profit leader, you can help drive real change through the power of data. Researchers are now desperate to understand this data. Why not provide it to them ?




Digital Social Therapy Support

CancerLife is more than just “another social network”. It provides more HIPAA privacy and a whole new level of emotional, social and clinical support. In fact, it is designed to deliver a form of “digital social therapy” that can lower stress, anxiety and depression and raise community spirits 24/7. Members neurologic state can improve, as can their quality of life and outcomes through the sharing of knowledge information and most importantly love inside our next generation Cancer specific social network.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial with the John Wayne Cancer Institute.


The first "App as a Service" for Cancer Non Profits!

The CancerLife Research Platform is the first turnkey mobile solution for non profits designed for patients, survivors and researchers to unite in new ways and collectively measure and improve quality of life and outcomes. For a nominal set up fee and starting at less than 1$ per patient per month based on number of patients on the network (the more users you have the cheaper it is!), your non profit can be part of this care revolution!

  • For Patients & Survivors.

    • CancerLife is a next generation mobile messaging app that delivers a whole new level of  individual and community emotional, social and clinical support including our HIPAA compliant Social Network which allows  patients and survivors to share theory knowledge with others. The collective power of hundreds of thousands of patients and survivors is coming!

  • For Cancer Researchers:

    • CancerLife features an automated, real-time Patient Reported Outcome symptom data collection and reporting tool that can improve both doctor patient relationships and cancer care. This real world evidence data will be the first of its kind for Cancer Researchers.

  • For Cancer Non Profits:  The first "App as a Service" for Cancer Non profits!

    • CancerLife delivers three primary benefits to non-profits:

      1. Patient/Survivor Recruiting Tool: Offer your members an app through their cancer journey with your brand and logo.

      2. Contribute to Cancer Research: Collect community data that helps you learn more about your members wants and needs and deliver unique solutions.

      3. Research Driven Fundraising: Amplify fundraising via Patient Reported Outcome data that can shared with cancer researchers, Pharma, etc. on split 50/50% license fee arrangement.


Watch How Cancerlife Improved the Quality of Life of its Users