We are thrilled and honored that so many patients and survivors have raised their hand to participate. What’s more, over 91% really want to play a role and make a difference in helping fellow patients and survivors around the world.

How wonderful is that?

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How could this study improve quality of life for patients and survivors?

 Developed by the John Wayne Cancer Institute, The Quality of Life Research Study is listed on ClinicalTrials.gov and meets all requirements, including HIPPA privacy.. The purpose of the study is to piggyback and expand upon the findings of two previous ground breaking, quality of life focused research studies.

  • Study #1 (In tandem with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute) discovered that when patients collected their own symptom data and shared it with their doctor, quality of life was improved by up to 18%

  • Study #2 (Who) found a correlation between a patient's level of "social support" and outcomes. The evidence showed that a higher level of social support actually improved a patient's outcomes and survival.


2) How do i get started? What must I do for the Study?

If you want to participate,

simply do the following:

  1. Join the Facebook Community (You’ll meet some amazing kindred spirits.)  

  2. Download The HIPPA Compliant Cancerlife App in one of the app stores.

  3. Get familiar with Cancerlife App. Ask any questions you have.

  4. The study officially starts on June 5, 2017

  5. Once the study starts, just use the app once a day (It takes about 30 seconds) for 30 days. It’s that simple.

  6. You can also continue to engage and get daily support in the Quality of Life Facebook Community

3) Is the Cancerlife app easy to use?

Definitely...Click on the Video to see it or Download the User Guide here  : http://cdn.cancerlife.com/docs/CancerlifeUserGuide.pdf

5) Is this an official Clinical trial? Who is running it? What protections do I have? Is the Study HIPAA compliant?

Our Quality of Life Study is being conducted by John Wayne Cancer Institute and listed on the Clinicaltrials.gov website which means it meets all the requirements for patient safety and protections. Our app and study are HIPAA compliant because you have agreed to share it with our research team and all data points are encrypted in our database with your identity protected. You can see our Study listed here on clinicaltrial.gov website here