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The Quality of Life Clinical Trial: Its Goal

A pioneering, real work evidence (RWE) Quality of Life clinical trial (listed on conducted by the John Wayne Cancer Institute and CancerLife was recently approved.  Now, we are searching for people who have been given a diagnosis of cancer like you, to participate and collect Quality of Life data on how cancer treatments have impacted you. This data will help your doctor treat you and others better and could impact your Quality of Life!

What's in for me? What do I have to do?

5 Benefits of Participating in the Study:

Participation will require about 5-10 minutes per week to update the CancerLife App. The study piggybacks on mounting research evidence including a study with Memorial Sloan Kettering. Participants will use the CancerLife app for 5 months and complete a series of Quality of Life Surveys over that time.

(Fact: 100% of our users say the CancerLife app is easy to use!)

1.     When patients share symptom data (Patient Reported Outcomes) with doctors, can quality of life really be improved by up to 18%... or more! Help us prove it!

2.     Can emoji based social sharing on Facebook Cancer Communities transform into mood enhancing social therapy?

3.     Can patients reduce their stress and experience more rest by simplifying the way they communicate with family and friends?

4.     Join other patients and survivors like you and want to be part of something special! Help us improve care for all.

5. Does empowering patients with their own data improve their physical and emotional wellbeing and lower stress ?

 Let's find out together!

   Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is CancerLife? What is their story? Relationship with John Wayne?

CancerLife is a technology based digital health company founded by Charlie Coltman who lost his best friend to pancreatic cancer. He has spent 5 years building and designing solutions that will improve the lives of cancer patients. The latest version of CancerLife is his 3rd attempt at creating a solution that patients use to improve their Quality of life through his groundbreaking messaging tool, data collection platform and an open social therapy community inside ONE  easy to use app. Now he wants to prove it!

John Wayne Cancer Institute is part of the Providence Health System and has supported the CancerLife platform for many years. They are the lead researchers for this blind randomized trial and excited about the potential that CancerLife can bring to patients, caregivers and survivors. The CancerLife trial is approved by and listed here:

What is done with my data? Is the data secure? Will people know I have cancer ?

During the trial all data is encrypted and your identity is converted to a random number. The trial is approved by the internal Review Board at John Wayne and meets all the requirements for patient safety. All data is HIPAA compliant and meets the highest level of security including a TRUSTWAVE certificate, a security industry leader. If you wish to share your status with the private invitation only Facebook group or out to your own family and friends via facebook, Messenger, Text or email (just like sharing an article) you may. If you don't and would just like to enter the data that is fine too....its up to you. But keep in mind there is a ton of evidence that the more you connect socially the better your cancer outcomes....Keep that in mind. The more you share the better your care.

What do I have to do? What is my level of commitment?

Please fill out the form above to see if you qualify. Someone will be contacting you in the next 2 or 3 days (based on volume) who will answer any questions you may have. After that , if you decide to participate you will download the CancerLife app and agree to the terms /conditions and consent form inside the app after you have completed the training....used the app 5 times. Then you will use the app to share how you are feeling ....don't worry 100% of our users say CancerLife is easy to use! You can also join our private Facebook support group to connect and share your moods and symptoms with other patients...our community is amazing!

Over time as you collect more and more data , you can share with data with your doctor. Based on previous research, when you share your data with your doctor you can increase your Quality of Life by 18%. Patients who did this also increased their survival too! Finally, over the next 90 days, you will fill out an official Quality of Life surveys (used in clinical trials) within the app and we will tracking this "score" to see if and how CancerLife improves Quality of Life. Additionally, IBM Watson AI technology will analyze social sharing data and conversations using its proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. IBM Watson will help uncover key insights into participants cancer journeys.

How will this clinical trial help other patients?

Understanding the correlation and implications on how social sharing and Patient Reported Outcome data affect patients quality of life has breakthough potential as it may help doctors better understand how the next wave of cancer drugs will impact patients' quality of life.

CancerLife is deeply committed to help patients, survivors and caregivers–around the world–experience a better quality of life. With that said, CancerLife's goal is committed to becoming the world's first cancer care complimentary digital therapeutic.

Marlon Saria PHD welcomes you to the first Quality of Life Study!