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Our study Includes sharing your experience with a Facebook Support Group as well as filling our online surveys.
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The Quality of Life Clinical Trial: Its Goal

A pioneering, real work evidence (RWE) Quality of Life clinical trial (listed on conducted by the John Wayne Cancer Institute has been approved.  Now, we are searching for people who have been given a diagnosis of cancer like you, to participate and collect Quality of Life data on how cancer treatments have impacted you. This data will help your doctor treat you and others better and could impact your Quality of Life!

What do I have to do? How much time will this take?

Participation will require about 15 minutes per MONTH. Participants will agree to fill out a complete a series of Quality of Life Surveys over a 5 month period. This data will be critical to understanding how cancer treatments impact patients/survivors.

What is done with my data? Is the data secure? Will people know I have cancer ?

During the trial all data is encrypted and your identity is converted to a random number. The trial is approved by the internal Review Board at John Wayne and meets all the requirements for patient safety. All data is HIPAA compliant and meets the highest level of security including a TRUSTWAVE certificate, a security industry leader.

How do I join ? What is the next step?

Please fill out the form above to see if you qualify. Someone will be calling you via the phone number you provided. In the next 2 or 3 days (based on volume) to confirm your identity and answer any questions you may have.

How will this clinical trial help other patients?

Understanding the correlation and implications on how social sharing and Patient Reported Outcome data affect patients quality of life has breakthough potential as it may help doctors better understand how the next wave of cancer drugs will impact patients' Quality of Life.

Marlon Saria PHD welcomes you to the first Quality of Life Study!