Cancerlife is much more than a quality-of-life app. Our mission is to inform and unite patients/caregivers around the globe and empower them to be more in control of their lives during treatment periods and beyond.  The key to our app? The more you share (moods and symptom data), the better your care. Learn why and how now.


Statistics reveal that 91% of cancer patients have a great desire to engage in an activity that helps other patients. It’s one of the reasons CancerLife has initiated a first-of-its kind: By patients, for patients quality of life research study. You are invited to participate in this pioneering research Learn more now at the Research Section of the site.

3 ways CancerLife can improve your Quality of life



CancerLife keeps everyone informed via the push-of-a -button through the apps you already use today! CancerLife works with Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, texts and email.


HELP YOUR DOCTOR Provide better care for you

There's mounting research evidence that patients who collect their own symptom data and share it with their doctor have increased Quality of life by 34%.

*CancerLife is currently conducting its own QoL clinical trial at John Wayne Cancer Institute.


Cancerlife connects to your Facebook cancer support group

CancerLife allows you to connect and post your status with your Facebook Support Group. This has a dramatic impact on your well being.

“Keeping my family updated on my wife's status used to be exhausting. CancerLife has siginficantly reduced my daily stress.

John K, Caregiver

“ During doctor visits, it was often hard to recollect my real symptoms. CancerLife automatically tracks everything. Amen!"

Jane W., Patient

“I cant imagine fighting cancer without it. Sharing my moods with my Facebook Community, often improves my mood and I'm very thankful for that"

Pam O., Patient

Update family and friends in less than 10 seconds

Watch how easy Cancerlife is to Use!


CancerLife is now accepting requests to test out the app and become an official Cancerlife Founding Member.  Please provide your email and we'll send you simple how to Join Us in this Crusade.


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