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Why the Time Is Right for Cancerlife! (3 Reasons Why This Is the Right Product at the Right Time!)

It's been a long 4 years since I began this journey.  I have been rejected a thousand times by doctors, hospitals, administrators, and non-profit executives but as we prepared for our third revamp of Cancerlife which we are calling the “WhatsApp for cancer families”, I could not be more excited. The market is hot for what we have to offer and as they say, the secret to life as an entrepreneur is “good timing."  Here are three reasons why I feel this is the right time:

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The Elephant in the Emergency Room

It is estimated that 40% of the cost of delivering cancer care is spent on unnecessary hospitalizations.  Think about that.  40 billion dollars and growing.  Why is that?  Cancer is a business…big business. Hospitals are facing pressure from all sides…the easy days of “just add more services and bill for it” are over in a post ACA world. Hospitals are turning to Cancer as a revenue stream…

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