Part 1 : When MOM Gets Breast Cancer

My mother walked out of her doctor's office and was headed to the parking lot when out of the corner of her eye read a sign “Taking Mammography Appointments Today!” The word Today lingered in her mind…it had been 2 years since her last scan. Why not she said…she would be traveling next month and then the holidays. Get it done. As it turns out, this was the right decision. After a concerned technician and a follow up ultrasound and biopsy…my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a week later. In the world of cancer, when sooner is always better than later…I was impressed with the speed at which the Penn system was able to go from mammography to diagnosis. No waiting around for weeks for each point in the process. Less than a week….Well done. Yelp review = 5 stars


When my mother was referred to a Penn Surgeon and her appoint set two weeks later, she was told :

“You are responsible for making sure your biopsy slides and medical records are transferred to your Surgeon. If this is not done, your appointment will be rescheduled.”

It is this sentence that summarizes the state of Americas healthcare system from technology perspective….After 6 years of Meaningful Use where the government has directly given over 26 BILLION to doctors and health system to improve their Electronic Health Records Systems, we are still at the point where a manual process between two doctors in the same health system and in the Same SPECIALTY has to ask the patient to make multiple phone calls and have these records physically sent to a doctors office 5 miles away.

Let see how the appointment goes tomorrow.