HealthyPlatforms Announces Cancerlife 2.0

Dear Cancer Community,

Like all consumer technology companies, which tend to add features and functions over time, it became apparent that we needed to start over and redesign from the ground up. Over the last year, we felt we need to ask ourselves again, what is Cancerlife and what is its primary purpose for existing? The answer that we heard over and over again: Communication

We decide to redesign our entire user experience based on a simple text based experience and our goal was to create the “Whatsapp for Cancer Families”.

Our goal was to “ create a single screen experience that updated family in a group messaging app that also collected important symptom data which takes less than 10 seconds to accomplish.”

As I began the process of redesign, I looked at apps that I currently use such as Whatsapp, HotelsTonite and Uber. These companies understand the critical power...