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What is the CancerLife App?

The HIPAA compliant CancerLife App is revolutionizing care by empowering its users to more aware and more in-control of their treatment... and lives. CancerLife is the only cancer care platform that features three quality of life tools... plus an AI cancer care learning system powered by IBM Watson. 

So Easy-to-Use, Even Grandmothers Use it


100% of CancerLife users say it's easy to learn and use. What's more, the CancerLife support team will provide the help you need via one-to-one support.

Here are some things you need to know

88% of users recommend CancerLife 

91% of our users want to contribute to the greater good and help other patients

100% of our users said CancerLife was "Easy to use"


Breakdown of CancerLife Users

Three Ways CancerLife Can Improve your Quality of Life Now

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Improving Doctor Patient Relationships 

Patients can improve their Quality of Life by tracking their own symptoms (Patient Reported Outcomes Data) and sharing it with their doctor. How important is Patient Reported Outcomes data? Ground breaking Research at Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute has shown that when patients collect their own data and share it with their care team, they increased their Quality of Life by 18%.

While patients use Cancerlife to communicate with family and friends, it HIPAA compliant symptom tracking tool automatically collects patient reported outcomes data and displays inside easy to read reports that can shared with the patient's care team. This will help improve Quality of life and lead to improved doctor patient relationships.


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Reduces Stress of Communicating with Family and Friends

CancerLife can significantly reduce the stress (continuous emails, texts, phone calls and unplanned visits) associated with keeping family and friends informed of a patient’s ongoing treatment and well being. Thanks to its mood symptom emojis and unique journaling capabilities, CancerLife enables patients, survivors and caregivers to keep “everyone informed in less than 10 seconds”.


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A Whole New Level of Emotional Facebook Community Support

 Evidence has shown that the more "social support" a patient has the great their survival rate. Feelings of isolation and loneliness lead the high stress levels which impacts your body immune system. Connecting and sharing the ups and downs of cancer treatment is critical to managing fact it could save your life! See the Video below on how the level of social support you have impacts tumor growth! CancerLife is here to help you connect with and stay in touch with loved ones.

 Learn how Cancerlife has created a new level of social support on Facebook powered by the CancerLife app. What makes it so magical is that by updating everyone inside CancerLife and sharing it within our Facebook group, you get support from kindred spirits who truly understand "what its really like". Discover the power support and love that the CancerLife Community can bring to your life.

The Importance of Social Support, Lower Stress and Cancer Survival