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What is the CancerLife App?

The HIPAA compliant CancerLife App is revolutionizing care care by empowering its users to more aware and more in-control of their treatment... and lives. CancerLife is the only cancer care platform that features three quality of life tools... plus an AI cancer care learning system powered by IBM Watson. 

So Easy-to-Use, Even Grandmothers Use it


100% of CancerLife users say it's easy to learn and use. What's more, the CancerLife support team will provide the help you need via one-to-one support.


Communicate with Ease 

Let's face it, your family and friends want to know how you are feeling. Thanks to CancerLife, you can keep everyone informed using the apps you already use today. CancerLife works with Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, texts and email. Use it any way you like.


Improve Your Cancer Care

Mounting research evidence reveals that patients who collect their own symptom data and share it with their doctors can improve quality of life by up to 18%. The CancerLife App automates the process of collecting  and sharing Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) symptom data.



Enjoy More Emotional Social Support.

CancerLife's emojis and unique journaling capabilities are designed to raise the level of emotional and social support inside Facebook cancer communities. When cancer fighters unit and share experiences, everyone wins. Spirits can rise... and this can lead to a better quality of life for everyone.


Cancerlife is HIPAA compliant.

Cancerlife is HIPAA compliant.

CancerLife has been certified by security firm Trustwave.

CancerLife has been certified by security firm Trustwave.