Advisory Board


Marlon Saria, PHD, RN

Marlon is a nurse scientist with over seventeen years of experience in oncology serving in multiple roles ranging from direct clinical care to program development and management. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics and Director of the Center for Quality Outcomes and Research at Pacific Neuroscience Institute and John Wayne Cancer Institute. His research focus is on providing a comprehensive approach to patient and family care in the oncology setting.

“ will helps us collect data faster and improve quality of life for all patients in our care.”
— Marlon Saria, PhD, RN

Ellen Stovall - (IN MEMORIAM)

Ellen was a three time cancer survivor and been a leader in the Cancer Policy space for more than 40 years. As a national policy expert, she brought together all stakeholders to ensure consistent and patient centered care is delivered in today’s changing world of healthcare. She worked tirelessly at National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship and was an early supporter of Cancerlife providing critical feedback to is design and development. She will be greatly missed.

“As a 3 time cancer survivor, I understand the importance of communication with families. CancerLife is the first patient centered app that does this easily for seniors and their caregivers.”
— Ellen Stovall


Kate Canton, RN

Katie is Program Director of Palliative Care for Virginia Oncology Associates, part of the US Oncology Network. She led the creation of the program to help patients receive the best care during the last stages of their lives. She feels strongly that a solution like CancerLife will improve the quality for life for patients and relieve unnecessary suffering.

“The data collected inside CancerLife helps us provide the best care possible for our Program and we strongly believe it will improve our patient quality of life.”
— Kate Canton, RN